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Music by Pale Grey Lore
Lyrics by Michael Miller
Recorded & Engineered by Andy Sartain
Mastered by Harold LaRue
Cover art by Joel Chastain


released June 18, 2016

UPDATE: Vinyl release coming mid 2017 via Kozmik Artifactz imprint Oak Island Records!

Digital download also available via iTunes, Amazon, & Google Play. CDs and other merch available at our BigCartel online store. "Though this album was originally released last summer, it's picked up some new attention with Kozmic Artifactz' plan to put out a vinyl release of it via their Oak Island Records imprint. For a debut, the self-titled album has a nice, strong, confident stride to its style, from the opening track's brandished chords to the final moments of closer “Grave Future” and the trippy invitations it contains. The music does a fun job of blending modern stoner doom with joyful '70s heavy rock tonality, with the beats and rhythms further swirling the lines between those two big influences. And like so many of those albums from yesteryear, the guitarist manages to give his instrument a sense of its own life, at times not so much playing as singing through its strings."

"With the nine tracks/32 minutes of Pale Grey Lore, they dive headfirst into influences classic and modern and come out of the process with a crisp execution and an identity of their own. Stylistically cohesive across the front-to-back span, the album shies away neither from classic psych-pop, as highlight centerpiece “She Radiates” shows with its theremin and trippy soloing, nor from the modern cult stoner crunch of “Black Sun Rise.” Not at all haphazard and less exploratory feeling than debuts often are, it carries a sense of confidence in what it wants to do and that it can make those ideas a reality — so of course it does."
— THE OBELISK (9/2/16)

"Trippy, oft ethereal and immensely lysergic in sound, songs like ‘Spiders’, ‘She Radiates’, and ‘Woe Betide Us’ are almost mystical in feeling as they transport you into another realm and beckon you to ride a cosmic tide of surrealism. Then on the other hand there are definitely some doomier nods to greatness such as ‘The Conjuration’, ‘Black Sun Rise’, or ‘Ruins’, songs that stimulate the senses and set you straight with their hard rock resolutions. All in all, the Pale Grey Lore self-titled is a clear contender for inclusion in the Hall Of Fame for debuts as this album is a show stealing release that only adds to the reputation Columbus has deservedly earned for far beyond average bands."
— METAL NEXUS (8/20/16)

"Ranging from heavy sixties psych to stoner truckers and more doomy seventies inspired rock songs… the album has it all. Groovy like a motherfucker and raw, raucous and fuzzed out like the best of the best. The best part though is perhaps something that’s not easily done, especially not on a first release. For even though you can definitely pick out some of their influences here and there, they sound like something you would already and immediately want to classify as typically Pale Grey Lore."
— STONER HIVE (8/8/16)

"Michael Miller (Guitar, Vocals & Theremin), Donovan Johnson (Bass) and Adam Miller (Drums) combine to produce an album that encompasses a variety of rock genres, the nuances of which all add up to a debut record of great depth and quality. With this excellent debut album, Pale Grey Lore have added their own chapter to the great rock and roll story. I look forward in anticipation to their next installment."
— MORE FUZZ (7/25/16)



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PALE GREY LORE Columbus, Ohio

Michael Miller

Adam Miller

Donovan Johnson

Xander Roseberry


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Track Name: The Conjuration
Frequencies out of phase
Swirling smoke, blackened haze
It’s been dark for countless days
Creeping dread, eyeless gaze
Arise, awaken from your sleep
Come forth from out of the deep
You are free now
Cast off the chains that kept you weak
Reclaim the power that you seek
For you are free now
Memories flooding back
Agony painted black
Torn apart upon the rack
Sanity about to crack
Track Name: Life in the Hive
Each and every eye
Belongs to the queen
Just like everything
In the great machine
Like an unstoppable tide
The future has now arrived
There’s simply no place to hide
Welcome to life in the hive
Blend in with the drones
Avoiding the patrols
Trying to resist
Insect mind control
The hour is growing late
And yet you still hesitate
And now you're on the attack
But something’s holding you back
Track Name: Black Sun Rise
See the black sun rise
Against a crimson sky
Storm clouds gathering
Thunder and acid rain
At the midnight temple
Preparations have been made
Acolytes are gathered
The hierophant is on his way
Black sun in the sky
This planet slowly dies
Terminal decay
And cosmic blasphemy
Drugged upon the altar
She won't even know her name
Make the sacrifice
Raise the chalice, let us pray
Track Name: Spiders
Uninvited, they come around
Invisible until they’re found
Don't you see them? Have you gone blind?
Or maybe I’m out of my mind
What happened? Wait—
That's impossible
I’ve never felt
So irrational
Spiders crawling across my skin
I feel the venom shooting in
Fires burning through my veins
Don't know if I can stand the pain
It’s natural
To lose control
Track Name: She Radiates
Eyes like the ocean, the deepest blue
Lips like a fountain, eternal youth
Red locks of fire that shift and flow
Sliver attire, shimmering glow
Beckoning with open arms, she radiates
Shining like a billion stars, she radiates
In total darkness she lights my way
Her every request I shall obey
When we’re together the heavens shake
If this is a dream don’t let me wake
Nothing else matters when she is close to me
Drifting together through the galactic sea
The way that she loves me makes me feel so free
I’m under her spell now, enthralled by her sorcery
Track Name: Ruins
They march to war
Each one a god
In his own mind
He knows for sure
Behold: the horror has arrived
Black wings against a bloodshot sky
The gilded spires crumble down
The world’s in ruins now
The aftermath
A brutal scene
Not one survived
Their line has ceased
Track Name: Woe Betide Us
Well I'm on my way
To the spiral gate
I've got to find the others
So I’ll glide through the portal into space
And ride the solar rays
Into a new dimension
In the void, feel the tendrils coiling
Shield us from the wandering eye
Whose evil gaze will poison our minds
Woe betide us if we should find
That we’ve left somebody behind
I thought I heard my name
While I was spiraling
Galaxies surround me
Then explode in kaleidoscopic flame
Now I feel so strange
Terrifying vision
In the void, feel the tendrils coiling
Track Name: Tell the Masters
On a world covered in scars
And ever-smoldering debris
Roiling rivers of black tar
Flowing to a poison sea
Scales have fallen from my eyes
Today I see the world anew
There will be no compromise
For now I know what I must do
All the prophets have observed
An endless desert, burning sands
Tell the masters that you serve
There must be a change of plan
Track Name: Grave Future
We have made
Every future generation
A grave
Eager slaves
We made appetite our master
Today and from now on
Who we are
Is something that we’re never sure of
For long
We run the race
But in the end it doesn’t matter
It’s all for show
We are on a sinking ship
And there is no shore in sight
So come with me let’s take a trip
Just sit back and let yourself enjoy the ride